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From time to time every school needs to renovate its classrooms in order to keep the learning environment stimulating and safe. The problem with classroom renovations however, is that rarely can buildings be completely ready to go over just short summer holidays. Even worse, sometimes if an emergency such as broken water pipe occurs that renders a classroom in need of repairs and making the room unusable for a temporary amount of time. When either of these situations occurs it becomes hard for a school building to accommodate the number of pupils that is needed.

There is however a one great solution that is not only usually cost effective, but easy enough to install at a school to allow for some extra space: a temporary classroom. These buildings are usually referred to as modular buildings and can be placed outside of a school to accommodate classrooms of students that now find themselves without a physical location to meet in. They are easy to construct in under a week and are immediate solutions to a school that suddenly finds itself lacking space to accommodate all of its students.

A temporary classroom can usually be purchased or hired from a company that specialises in providing classroom space to schools that find themselves without any other viable solution. Instead of forcing students to crowd into small spaces and compromise teacher to student ratios, the use of a modular building can alleviate the strain on everyone and help create a more productive learning environment. After all, not only is it stressful on a student to share classroom space with too many other students, but it is stressful on a teacher to try to maintain decorum in a classroom filled with too many pupils.

While this alone may not be a large problem with slightly older kids where good behaviour comes a bit more naturally, for a teacher facing a crowd of primary school children, packed classrooms can lead to minor hysteria and out of control students. This is one reason why many times you are more likely to spot a temporary classroom at a primary school, because small classes are simply the only way to accommodate students that do not fit into the main buildings structure.

If a water main breaks or some other type of unforeseen circumstance leaves a school classroom untenable for classes, instead of panicking it is a much better idea as a school administrator to investigate if a temporary classroom is a viable solution. Thousands of schools across the UK have tried out these structures and hail their useful attributes, so why not give the idea a thought instead of forcing students and teachers to compromise the decorum and educational value that a public or private school education is supposed to hold.

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