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It is no secret that some school buildings in the UK are short on space due to the fact that they were constructed decades ago when class sizes were much smaller. As a result many schools are forced to cram students into small spaces and leave teachers with the incredible task of managing classes that are considered oversized due to the lack of space as they attempt add another classroom and teacher into the limited space. However, there are ways to remedy this problem that come as a comparably low priced solution compared building a new school building.

One of the best ways to supplement space that is not available in a school is by constructing one or two modular school buildings that can sit outside of the main school. In some situations these buildings can even be built near entranceways so that they are adjoined with the building, which is particularly useful when young children are involved and there is concern about them wondering outside of the building on their own. Of course, with older children this is less of a concern so age is a consideration when contemplating the best location for this type of structure.

Many school planners also consider placing school administrators into the modular school buildings, which alleviates concern over students travelling outdoors in most cases. With the space that is freed up inside of the building old administrative office space can be converted into new classrooms, creating space in a building that may have previously seemed packed.

Depending on the age range that are contained within one building, sometimes creating free space for four to five more classrooms is all it takes to accommodate student numbers growth, which can be achieved when modular school buildings are constructed.

These are just a few of the many ways that a school building can use a modular building to help create more space in a school district. There are of course countless other ways that all depend on the type of school that you seek to expand and the individual needs of the students. Given the variety of ways that an additional modular building can help augment space many buildings outside of schools also take advantage of the unique space conservation properties of these buildings and find their use to greatly enhance the overall functionality of a limited building space.

One of the added perks of modular school buildings is that they are usually quite easy to maintain given that they are built out of simple but durable materials. Due to the fact that they are offer a large amount of space learning without taking up a great deal of physical space they are also usually easy to heat and have low utility bills associated with them, as well making them a cost effective solution that continues to be affordable as time goes by.

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